Studio Berg

Studio Berg is an independent landscape architecture agency, led by Joyce van den Berg. We help organisations and private persons to solve complex matters in the field of: 

  • urbanisation
  • infrastructure
  • ecology and sustainability
  • wastelands
  • former industrial and military grounds
  • water issues and consequences of natural disasters
  • trauma landscapes

Studio Berg specialises in trauma landscapes. Trauma landscapes carry the marks of a past which is often experienced as burdensome or confronting. This shadow from the past can be transformed into a site of historio-cultural value: the landscape will in such way take on a new meaning as a lieu de mémoire or memorial place. Van den Berg made the concept of trauma landscape internationally known with her solo exhibition “Neues Licht” auf das Sperrgebiet in Berlin in 2009. The patent for the term ‘trauma’ in the context of landscape architecture and urban development was granted to her in 2010. 


Studio Berg intends to give new meanings and new functions to landscapes on the basis of thorough research into the past. In this way, we create integral systems in landscapes. Our interventions in a landscape always follow naturally from its past, but also add an extra layer of meaning to it. Landscape architecture is not an isolated discipline. We therefore integrate the historio cultural functions of landscapes with their economic, recreational, ecological and other functions. Our designs take into account all scales of the public domain: from major strategic choices to the micro level of individual objects. Moreover, we involve both the users of a landscape and our clients in the design process. Since we wish to make an analysis of all dimensions related to our projects, we always conduct extensive research prior to the design phase.


Studio Berg has the courage to be daring. We conduct lively and professional dialogues with our clients, resulting in clear choices. Our designs do justice to the complexity of landscapes, but can at the same time be characterised by their simplicity and recognisable broad outlines. We work with great care, but have an eye for the small imperfections that may strengthen the identity of a landscape.

If you are interested in the work of Studio Berg, please do not hesitate to contact us.